Denali Media Cabinet

Combining functionality and style, the Denali Media Cabinet is the perfect addition to your media room or living room. Use this accent piece as a media console or a display case. You can even stack several of them together to maximize your organization options. Put down the tools and the instructions – the Denali Media Cabinet only takes a few minutes to put together. And it’s a lasting feature that can add interest and functionality to your dorm, apartment, or any other tight space that could benefit from more storage and style.


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  • Easy to Assemble
    • You don’t need multiple tools or complicated instructions to put the Denali Media Cabinet together. In fact, all you need is a few minutes. Slide the panels into place, click them together, and put the media cabinet where you want it to go. Our pieces feature a patented friction/tension coupling system that makes assembly super easy.
  • Strength and Durability
    • Your furniture should last, especially since you use it every day. Your Denali Media Cabinet is made from high-density fiberboard, a material that lasts decades longer than traditional particleboard. You won’t have to worry when putting your television, gaming system, and other electronics all into this cabinet at once.
  • Fits in Every Room
    • Our Denali Media Cabinet is a great fit for any room in your home, apartment, condo, or dorm. Put it in your living room for your television or your bedroom if you need a decorative piece for books and belongings.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • We want to produce environmentally friendly furniture pieces that won’t negatively impact the environment. Made from sustainable materials, the Denali Media Cabinet features eco-friendly adhesives, finishes, and elements.
  • Advanced Structural Design Engineering
    • Our furniture pieces use a proprietary click-to-assemble system. We also use injection-mold technology and no-waste 3D printed materials during manufacturing as part of our mission to use ethical designs.
  • High-Tech Precision Manufacturing
    • To manufacture our Denali Media Cabinet, we use a precision-cut CNC manufacturing process. This does not waste any materials and lets us sell our product for a lower cost while still providing a high level of quality.
  • Modular Design
    • Our modular systems feature a mid-century design that is stylish and functional. Fun and quirky, these pieces are the perfect addition to any space that could use more intentional, quality storage.