Acadia Stool

Designed for modern living, the highly versatile Acadia Stool is a unique, interesting accent for any room of any size. Use it for additional seating at your table when you have guests over, place it next to your couch for use as a convenient side table, or put it by your front door to use as a plant stand. The Acadia Stool takes minutes to put together, and its modular design makes it an ideal piece for condos, apartments, and dorms where space is limited, but high-quality, versatile furniture is still a necessity.


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  • Easy to Assemble
    • Make your Acadia Stool come together quickly by sliding the panels into place and clicking them together. Our products come with a patented friction/tension coupling system that frees you up from hardware, tools, and complicated instructions. Do you have five minutes? That’s all it takes to put the Acadia Stool together!
  • Strength and Durability
    • We make all our products out of hard, high-density fiberboard (HDF), so your Acadia Stool is built to last. Compared with particleboard, HDF has a 20+ year lifespan, so your stool won’t end up in a landfill shortly after you build it because of damage. Plus, our product supports weights that would flatten similar products from other brands.
  • Fits in Every Room
    • The Acadia Stool is inspired by mid-century design, and it complements any interior and lifestyle. Whether you’re renting your first apartment or decorating your dorm room, you’ll love our consistent quality and design.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Our mission is to produce sustainable furniture pieces that don’t harm the environment. This is why we only use long-lasting, certified sustainable materials while relying on ethical sourcing and using eco-friendly adhesives, finishes, and elements.
  • Advanced Structural Design Engineering
    • We’re all about ethical designs as part of our mission to become more socially responsible. We use a proprietary click-to-assemble component that is made from injection-mold technology and no-waste 3D printed materials.
  • High-Tech Precision Manufacturing
    • Our precision-cut CNC manufacturing process reduces material usage and lets us mass-produce our products at a lower cost, making it easier for you to add interest and function to your space.
  • Modular Design
    • Our modular designs are fun and quirky, and our pieces can serve multiple functions depending on where you put them and how you want to use them.